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Company profile

[name] Y CM Corporation
[the location] 2-22-6, Senzoku, Taitou-ku, Tokyo
[TEL] 03-3872-1161 [FAX] 03-3873-1581
[founding] April 1, 1925
[the establishment] May 9, 1979
[representative] Representative director Akihisa Yokoyama
[banker] Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Asakusa Branch Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ Kaminari-mon Gate Branch northern part of a castle credit association Taito Branch
[business outline] The production sale of various direction magnets and the import and export, production sale of the small thermometer, sale of the optics article
[product constitution]

Orienteering compasses, renzatikkukompasu, pocket compasses
List compasses, list thermostat meter, insert compasses, insert thermostat meter, map measure, feng shui compasses, good luck compasses, aspect of a house measures article, feng shui article, automatic compasses, accessories including the direction magnet
Loupe, opera glasses, article including binoculars about optics
[business partner]
Approximately 200 companies including Ministry of Defense (the Ground Self-Defense Force), national life co-op, outdoor sports, stationery, optics relations, surveying relations, clock relations
It is approximately 50 companies in an overseas business partner

Access map

■ Hibiya Line getting off:
       Go out Iriya exit; and to the east (according to gold beauty building)
       It is the walk right hand for approximately five minutes.
■ In the case of a car:
       Get off Metropolitan expressway Iriya lamp; the second signal
       Please turn right.
       Approximately 400m going straight (there are three signals during this period)
       I do it and am the right hand.
*There is the parking space for two on the company side
   Please confirm it in advance just to make sure.
Y CM Corporation
2-22-6, Senzoku, Taitou-ku, Tokyo
TEL. 03-3872-1161
FAX. 03-3873-1581
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