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Insert compasses

Do you know that compasses with small oil are fitted in outdoor article, the opera glasses such as a carabiner or the whistle? It is a part to introduce here to do such how to use. The publication product is standard. Please refer for the consultation such as a design and the change of the color, the change of the shape separately.

■Compasses SIZE14mm with A oil

■Compasses SIZE20mm with oil with B oil

■Thermometer SIZE20mm with C oil

[NO.80C-3]                   [NO.80C-4]

Production end article, stock exiguity

■Compasses & thermostat meter SIZE26mm with oil with D oil

■E eyelet direction magnetic needle NEW

■F eyelet direction magnetic needle (aluminum / dry)

             Production end product stock is only for it

■CH series

Because the CH series mass-produces it abroad in large quantities, it is relatively cheap and can provide it.
Because I give a severe test, I guarantee it as for normally using it within one year from production, but the outbreak of the air bubbles at the low temperature level and high place is possible. Thank you for your understanding.
Please inquire for a change, lot, the price of design pattern.
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